Contemporary Qi Gong is the art of collecting, flowing and balancing energy. It is a part of the Chinese body techniques known as meditative and gentle. Which means cultivating energy.

WORKSHOP: Saturday June 1st, 2019
Schedule: from 10am to 2 pm.
Theme: QiGong for relaxation. 
How to relax and cope in an easy way our everyday life.
Fee: 70/65.-€

Contemporary Qi gong has three features. These are:

Physic: Based on body movements or positions that originated in eastern and western techniques. They supply our body with energy, mobility, strength, tonus, endurance, and capacity of adjustment. Contemporary Qi gong nourishes and improves our perception of life flowing through the body, and doing so allows our inner and environmental relationships to flow.

Preventive: Raises Chi, our vital and light energy. Enhances our immune system, organs, nervous system, digestive, circulatory and respiratory systems. Contributes to balance, orientation, concentration and frees from pain. Gives good spirits and is the beginning of meditation.

Meditative: CQG leads us through breathing and the way we give our weight to the ground to the present moment, the magical place and time where everything and anything can really happen, where the first wonder happens: the light. Following the Chinese Taoist philosophy it allows us to get in a path that leads us from the material body to the spiritual being and connects the moment and the space where we live with the Universe.

The Classes:

  • Self massage from feet to head.
  • Listening to the body. Awareness of Breath and Weight
  • The connexion with Earth and Sky: Rooting ourselves and growing from the inside.
  • Free the Hips and the back
  • Opening in four directions.
  • The Silk exercises.
  • On the floor: Scanning our body on the woodenfloor.
  • Meditative sequenz of movements in order to organize the body
  • Visualization of the inner light.
  • Wake up from the floor in a spiral.
  • Farewell: The sound.

SCHEDULE: Tuesdays 18.30-19.30h,
Wednesday 17.30-18.30h, 19-20h.
Thursday 10-11h, 16-17h.

FEES: One class 1 hour weekly 45.-€ per month.
Single class 1 hour, 17.-€ .
Unemployed, under 25 years old and students: 40.-€.
Inscription fees: 45.-€ once a year.

Fee: 165.-€
for ten classes to be done in three months.
Reduced fee: 160.-€ for ten classes to be done in three months.

If you want to join a class please call us at 0034 629 730 840. Thank you.
Office opens Wednesdays  from 4 to 8pm, you are welcome to visit us. Please give us a call for an appointment. Thank you.
Information and Workshop location: Centre Gerard Arlandes.
Muntaner 45,2º,1ª. 08011 Barcelona
Tel.0034 629 730 840