Philosophical coach

Consulting, philisophical advice, private classes:

Our approach is philosophical in the literal sense of the word “philo” = love “Sophia” = wisdom and is physical, because our body includes the mind, the emotions and the transcendence or spirituality. It is a holistic approach that encompasses the position and disposition, the orientation in a room and the orientation in life, the concentration to do a job and to perform, the physical, mental and spiritual balance.

  • What to do in case of crisis and turmoil.
  • Enhance your spirits and your well being physically, mentally and spiritually through the physical and the light-body.
  • Learn to let go and accept in order to know where we are and attain our goals.
  • To profit of the power of our intention.
  • Breath  fully and live fully.
  • Achieve strength, flexibility, relaxation, endurance or physical tonus.
  • Improve your body placement and get to do easier and economical movements.
  • Get rid of body discomfort in everyday life, at home, at work: Backache, insomnia, neck ache,….

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Member of the Internationale Gesellschaft für Philosophische Praxis (IGPP)