Contemporary QiGong in August 2019


Friday 2nd, Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th of August 2019
: Friday from 5 to 8 pm, Saturday and Sunday from 9.30 am-1.30pm Uhr
Theme: Taoist Meditation
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Professors: Gerard Arlandes and Sybille Karsch
Gerard Arlandes (Barcelona, 1951) is philosoph and dancer. Teaches body education in Universitys and enterprises in Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Writes in the media: press, radio and television. Author of the book „Taichi para Occidente“ (Integral, RBA)

Sybille Karsch Master of Arts in Education Sciences. shiatsu Masseuse, ESI Diplom and currently giving Shiatsu in Barcelona. Menthorship in Sound Fork Therapy. Teaches Qigong and Taiji. Works with Gerard Arlandes since more than thirty years.

Fee: 160/150.-€
Place: Centre Gerard Arlandes
C/Muntaner 45,2º,1ª
Inscriptions: Centre Gerard Arlandes
Tel.0034 629 730 840